Business Consulting

Whether your business is experiencing unanticipated change, or needs to spark intentional change, our senior team has deep experience to effect enduring advancements to your strategic direction, daily business operations, people motivation, and financial model.

At the base of every one of our business consulting engagements is our technology to help you align your purpose, people and process for optimal performance. Together with your leadership team, we develop strategic direction with top-to-bottom buy-in. We evaluate operations, supply chain, finance, and customer-facing processes and systems, tracing operating inefficiencies, diagnosing root causes, and driving solutions. We craft annual plans that motivate, performance review programs that build genuine competency, reward systems that inspire. Additionally, for our non-profit clients, we develop collaboration and partnership arrangements, including strategic restructuring, where we find opportunities to leverage scale and scope across complementary (and sometimes disparate) service offerings.

HMC delivers business consulting along a human axis. How might this help you?

Executive Coaching

Does your work consistently reflect the best of who you are?  Can you draw equally upon strength, clarity, curiosity, wisdom, creativity, intuition, humility, empathy in any situation?

Executive coaching is the single most valuable investment in professional development you can make to increase the performance of your business, providing the greatest levers to decision optimization, human interrelation, and ultimately, leadership effectiveness.  Through executive coaching, we help you uncover the full picture of who you are, and identify the optimal overlay of your human self onto the business.  We support you to discover and advance your key leadership traits, and to leverage your areas of limitation to the business’ benefit as well.

The degree that you’re limiting your self-expression at work is the degree to which your company’s success is limited.  Ready to play full-on?  We’ll show you how.

Team Building

As humans, we want to contribute, to give our best, to excel, to see the results of our hard work making an impact on others, and moving us collectively closer to achieving a shared goal.  It’s our nature to want to create, to improve, to produce.  At the end of the day, your company’s performance is directly correlated to the performance of your employees and teams.

Yet in most companies, the structure and function of teams is haphazard, unstable, impeded by internal politics and handicapped by hit-and-run decision-making.  This not only fails to achieve the results of which high-performing teams are capable – it also disheartens individuals throughout the company, dissuades innovation and healthy risk-taking, and caps creativity.

If you make your team your greatest investment, they’ll also become your greatest investors.  We know how to build teams that are self-driven, self-governing, and indomitably determined to learn, grow, and perform – and how to structure the company around them so they can produce their greatest results.  Want to learn more?

New Venture Incubation

We help founders craft groundbreaking, market-changing strategies, assemble and align teams, and secure the resources to deliver and sustain extraordinary results.

Our new venture incubation authorities will assist you to…

• Align your business model with core human values, driving unbeatable solidity
• Develop business plans, financial pro formas, and fundraising decks
• Establish key partnerships to move to market quickly
• Build interdependent, nimble, self-sustaining teams
• Communicate masterfully to spark united action, both internally and externally

Are you reaching for something that’s way bigger than your current infrastructure? HMC can help you grow into your vision.

Leadership Programs

Leadership is a muscle, and it needs to be exercised and stretched in order to operate at peak performance.

Get to the heart of your business™ leadership retreats are designed to challenge you to your core, and then illuminate how this can become the core of your business.

Our retreats are for executives and teams who are true endurance athletes – those who are committed to the long run, the end game, the legacy choice.  Individuals who know that in order to leave a lasting mark, you have to be not just a great businessman, but also a great person.  Men and women who are willing to put everything on the line for what they believe in.

Intrigued?  Join one of our one-day (The Power of Metaphor), two-day (Leadership, Legacy, and Lines in the Sand), or three-day (Executive Vision + Quest) retreats, or let us customize one for your team.  May we tell you more?