I have helped companies for more than two decades to identify their enduring purpose and align it with their people and processes in engaged, sustainable business models that deliver remarkable results. I call this work getting to the heart of your business. I work with million- and billion-dollar companies across a wide array of industries around the world. I am absolutely committed to helping my clients uncover the truth of their work and their workplace. I’ve also been involved in the start-up of many companies, as a consultant, advisor, and co-founder. These are companies that I believe can “change the world”, delivering revolutionary products and services in the fields of lending and financial wellness, strategic investment, technology, education, and consumer packaged goods.



It’s my belief that business is the greatest mechanism for change and improving life to which we have access, merging our basic human desire to give our gifts with our basic human desire to improve our own state. With these two motivations aligned, both the individual and the collective can achieve optimal benefit. Over the years, from my classrooms (Dartmouth College undergrad and Stanford Graduate School of Business) to many boardrooms, I have had the great pleasure to work with some of the most dynamic, thoughtful, committed individuals I have ever met, who consistently demonstrate what happens when financial and human capital converge with big vision and big determination. This is the work I call Courageous Capitalism – building businesses that deliver consistent and uncompromising benefit to shareholders, employees, customers and community. It is self-actualized commerce – business in its highest art form.


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

-R. Buckminster Fuller